Friday, April 24, 2009

Tyra Today

Tyra is interviewing a young girl who wants to give her baby up for adoption, primarily because she's too young to raise the child and also because she doesn't like kids. It just occurred to me how many gay people there are that would love to adopt her child but would not be allowed to simply because they are gay. Isn't that sad and infuriating?

We considered adoption before deciding to pursue surrogacy. One of the deciding factors was that in many states we would not be allowed to adopt as a couple. (Yes, there are ways around that issue.) We have been together longer than many heterosexual couples are before they have children, are financially equippped to handle the expense of a child and have an extended family support network but aren't deemed good candidates for adoption as a couple by many states and countries. Sad. Unacceptable. Reality.

That said, we know many couples that have successfully navigated the adoption system and succeded in creating wonderful families. I applaud them.

This issue just hit a nerve in me today and I thought I'd share my thoughts and gratitude that there are many different ways for us and other couples to create our families.

Victor & Chris

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