Sunday, April 26, 2009

Considering being a parent? Come OUT then!

Yesterday, Kira sent us a link to an article published in the North Texas Daily (Thanks Kira!!!). Here's a link to the article:

The article is about a gay couple considering creating a family through surrogacy. They have been together for eight years. Within the first few paragraphs, you learn that there are a couple of "odd" issues this couple is struggling with (I'm being generous by using the word odd.). First, they are not using their real names in the article. OK, I'll let that one go. You never know what kind of crazies may try to track you down if they know your name! The LARGER problem that comes up is that this couple, the one that wants to have a child, the LIFE PARTNERS, are not completely out. As in, not everyone knows they are gay. HUH????? 

Call me crazy but isn't it, I don't know (?), somewhat important that you be comfortable in your own skin before you bring a life into the world and embark on the journey of raising a well-adjusted, loving, accepting child. If you aren't completely comfortable with who you are how can you raise a child to be comfortable with who they are? If you're ashamed of your sexuality, I feel fairly certain that your child will be ashamed of it too.

There are so many gay people out there with hang-ups about their sexuality. Internalized homophobia is a reality and I don't, in any way, discount the reality of those feelings nor the emotional context in which they developed. BUT before you bring another innocent life into the equation, deal with your own issues so you don't immediately burden your child with your unresolved feelings about the totality of who you are. 

What do you think?


thinggtwoo said...

I agree with you, and think it's VERY sad that THAT PARTICULAR couple were the folks chosen for that article. :(

thinggtwoo said...

Oh, Yeah, and it's Me - Cori! :)