Saturday, May 5, 2012

Coco and Kiki

One of the biggest questions that we have is how is Coco dealing with the new arrival?  Leading up to the birth, somedays she was brimming with excitement, and other days she didn't want her to come.  Coco loves babies.  She rarely leaves the house without a doll tucked under her arm and if she sees a stroller accross the street, she will want to cross over to see if there is a baby inside.  She can also be very maternal with younger children.  All of these are great signs.

The day that Kiki was born, Jenny, our Nanny, woke Coco up from her nap by saying, "Come on Coco, lets go see Kiki!"  Normally, Coco would be groggy and a little cranky for half an hour after her nap, but she bounded out of bed with excitement.  On the car ride over to the hospital, Jenny explained that her Daddy and Papi would also be Kiki's Daddy and Papi and that Kiki was coming home with us.  Coco said, "no, Kiki has Kira".  Uh oh...all the explaination has not seemed to sink in.  Jenny corrected her and she seems completely happy sharing her Daddy and Papi with Kiki.

Coco can not get enough of the park.  She would be there all day playing if she could.  Now that Kiki is here, she wants to be home with her.  Yesterday we went on an adventure to take her to her favorite park on Robertson in West Hollywood.  When we got there, she said, "I want to go home and see Kiki!"
The first viewing at the hospital


 So Helpful!!

Back at the house in LA

Kiki has the cutest little hands!

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