Monday, February 1, 2010

3 Days

So many questions, so few answers! LOL! We are so lucky to have so many friends and family members interested in all things Coco. We are in the home stretch and know that we'll be holding our little girl VERY SOON!

Yesterday (Sunday, January 31st), we spent the day with Kira and our friends Robin & Alexis. We had lunch at Caioti in Studio City, home of the famous "labor inducing salad" but so far, no such luck for us from the renowned salad! After that we took Kira to have a 90-minute reflexology & "faceology" session. All Kira seems to have gotten from that is a sore head from the practitioner banging stones on top of her head and sore ears from her talking to Kira so much during the session! LOL!

Kira did lose her mucous plug yesterday and had the "bloody show" so it can't be long now. Losing the mucous plug isn't the best indicator that labor is imminent, however, the bloody show usually means labor is just around the corner (usually about 48-hours) because it indicates that the cervix is beginning to efface (thin out). We will certainly see!

If Coco isn't born by Wednesday night, Kira will be induced on Thursday morning. Stay tuned!

Keep us all in your thoughts and prayers!

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