Saturday, February 25, 2012

Here we go!!

Here we go again!! The countdown to daddyhood is back! Next week we will will be 30 weeks pregnant!! We are due on May 8th. The journey has been great so far.

The embryo transfer took place on Friday, August 19th. We had three healthy embryos from the retrieval and fertilization. Normally, the transfer would take place after six days, but our doctor recommended that we transfer on the third day. Given that we would have been happy with the higher probability of twins, the doctor recommended that we transfer all three.

Here is Kira on transfer day. Kira gave birth to Coco and we are soo fortunate that she and her family agreed to go through the process again. After the transfer, Kira needed to be on two days of bed rest, so we checked into a nice hotel nearby and we tried to pamper her as much as possible. We must have watched 10 episodes of "Living with the Kardashians"!

Yipee!! It worked. Here was the six week ultrasound. At first, the doctor thought that he heard two heartbeats, but on the second check, there was only one. At twelve weeks, at the first trimester checkup, the doctor said, "would you like to know the gender?" We were a little confused because we thought that you could only tell at 16-20 weeks. We said, "of course!" He said, "It's a Girl!" We were thrilled, but a bit suspect because we have had friends that were told it was a girl at 12 weeks, but later told it was a boy. In any event, it was all good news.

Here is our daughter at 20 weeks. She was a little camera shy. Dr. Poliakin kept trying to get her to take a good picture, but she kept rolling over. He did say that she is tracking to be a big girl.

Kira had been very nauseous in the first trimester, but it had subsided by about this point and she started to enjoy some movement. She was kicking and moving a little bit, but was nowhere near as active as Coco.

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JzScrapRN said...

Happy Happenings I see are going on....Congrats Enjoy the ride, hope all continues to go well.

Miss you guys!!!