Saturday, January 16, 2010

Are We Ready?

It's so hard to believe that we are literally days away from being Dads. After wanting something for so long, it is incredible to think that in short order we will be responsible for a beautiful and dear life.

As we wait for our daughter to be born, lots of thoughts have been floating through my mind. I've been thinking a lot about our parents and what they must have been feeling as they waited for us (me and Chris) to be born. They most likely experienced many of the same feelings of excitement, anxiety, nervousness, anticipation and fear that we are experiencing right now. I'm almost 40 and Chris is almost 41, yet our parents were going through this experience at 27 (my Mom) and 23 (my Dad) and Chris' parents had Chris in their early 20s too. I can't imagine becoming a parent at that age. They were all clearly more mature and responsible in their 20s than we were (LOL!).

I ask myself all the time if we are ready for Coco. Do we know what we're doing? Can we handle a baby? I don't have an answer! I'm not sure that you can ever be completely prepared for a life-changing event of this magnitude. What I do know is that we are filled with love for our daughter and I know that that love will allow us to be the best parents we can be for Coco.

Just a few days to go!

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reggie luiso said...

Well all I can say that in the short time that I have been blessed to have the two of you enter my life I feel like you have been my life long friends! You two are two of the kindest and loving men I know and I am sure with the love you share for each other and all those around you, being Dads is going to be So natural for the both of you! There is really no way to know how to be a parent, it is something natural inside you that comes out as soon as you hold your tiny Child and as soon as they gaze into your eyes! True it is a lifelong commitment and there are all sorts of ups and downs that come along with all the joy! But I must tell you that even though you all hear me complain about how much work Six kids is, I really wouldn't change it for any amount of money in the world! After all what else do we have when we someday are gone but parts of us that get embedded in each one
of our children, that is how I feel that we carry on long after we are gone! Chris and Victor, Coco is one Lucky girl! She is being born into so much Love!! You guys are going to to GREAT at DADDYHOOD!!! Love you Both!! Reggie xoxoxoxoxoxoxo