Sunday, November 1, 2009

Week 26

Tomorrow (Monday, November 2nd) will be 26 weeks for us! We can't believe it. Coco is just about finished with her second trimester! She enters her third trimester at the end of this week. Coco appears to have a committment to fitness just like her Daddies! She is jumping around a lot. We got this great note from Kira who gave us an update on what she is feeling.

"I'm doing fine...I haven't gotten sick(knock on wood) despite all the sickies in my house. Coco's doing great! Kicking and moving all around. I can definitely feel her kicks from the outside now. It works best when I'm lying flat on my back, so that my weight/stomach is evenly distributed. When's she's head down, kicking up, and I'm sitting on the couch, it feels like she's kicking me in the chest, but that's because when I'm sitting everything is more squished together. When I'm lying down, the kicks are more in the center of my stomach, since I'm streched out more. Hopefully, that makes sense,lol.

I was enjoying feeling her move around this morning around 6am, but then Ellie woke up, so my "bonding time" with Coco was over. Once I get up, and move around she's moves a little less. Time is flying by...I'll be 26 weeks on Monday. Coco is going to be here in 3 months!"

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Anonymous said...

That is so amazing. I cannot believe that you will be daddies in 3 short months. So happy for you!