Thursday, September 3, 2009

The Planning Begins

We are happy to report that we are ALL (Kira included, now that the morning sickness has passed) starting to enjoy the pregnancy and now the planning is under way. 

We started working on our baby registry and boy (no pun intended) there's A LOT of stuff to get for our new little guy or gal. We really had no idea how much stuff a baby needed (well, I'm not sure they need all the stuff.....)! We've been learning about everything from pacifiers to bottles to bouncy chairs to infant transport systems (that's a fancy way of saying strollers!). Of course, there can't be just one brand or type of anything so the selection is, well, IMMENSE! We are chipping away at the list day by day and slowly but surely making progress. BUT, one of the things we haven't started buying yet is clothes! We find out if we're having a boy or girl on Sept. 21st so we've managed to hold off on buying any cute outfits (to date). 

Speaking of the gender of the baby.....have you voted yet???? Check out the pole (look to your right) we started on the blog and cast your vote! Boy or Girl? Just vote based on whatever pops into your head first. Don't think too much! Chris thinks we're having a girl and I think we're having a boy. Also, I found a cool at-home gender test and decided it would be worth a shot so I sent Kira a couple of the "Intelligender" tests to take. She took one and it said GIRL!!!!! That didn't make me change my mind though so I'm still saying BOY. What do you think???? No matter what we have, we will be THRILLED!!!

It's just amazing to be this far along. The time is flying by and before we know it, February 8th will be here and we'll be meeting our little one. We feel incredibly blessed to be sharing this experience with all of you and look forward to the weeks ahead!

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