Saturday, August 8, 2009

Yippee, we got through the 1st Trimester!

It's hard to believe but we successfully made it through the 1st trimester! Amazingly, the time just seemed to fly by and now we are starting to think about REALLY having a baby (in less than 6 months - YIKES)!

The 1st trimester, for us, was filled with lots of nerves, anxiety and ultrasounds! One of the benefits of having a baby through surrogacy is that you know you are pregnant very early on. One of the downsides of having a baby through surrogacy is that you know you are pregnant very early on! Also, since we were under the care of our fertility doctor until week 10, we had ultrasounds every 2 weeks, at weeks 6, 8, 10 and 12. This was great because we got to see all the changes in the baby's development and were reassured every couple of weeks that things were going well. It's hard to believe that in a traditional pregnancy, many times the first appointment with the OB doesn't occur until week 12! 

At week 13 we also had our 1st trimester screening test, or nuchal translucency screening. This test is done to test for Down Syndrome, some chromosomal abnormalities and major congenital heart problems. The test included a very in depth ultrasound and blood work. During the ultrasound, I was so nervous as they measured and examined all the different parts of the baby's brain, heart and neck area. We BELIEVED that everything would be fine but you just want that confirmation and sure enough, everything was fine. The baby looked great and the initial screening did not indicate that the baby has Down Syndrome or any other major medical issues at this time. What a relief!

So now, we are looking forward to the 2nd trimester and starting to plan for the future with our baby. Plus, as an added bonus, Kira is FINALLY starting to feel like herself again as the morning sickness wains and her energy level starts to return to normal. Though the 1st trimester flew by for us, it was filled with lots of dry heaving, nausea, sensitivity to smell and fatigue for her! Thanks again Kira for being the best surrogate we could have hoped for!

So, this week, Kira, her two kids (Liam & Ellie) and her mom (Micaela) are coming from Californina to New York to visit us for a week. We are looking forward to the trip and will update you on our time together.

Thanks again for your continued love and support and please keep the baby, Kira and us in your thoughts as prayers as we continue this wonderful journey. We are blessed!

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Anonymous said...

Congrats on getting through the nerve-wracking first trimester! Now you can rest a bit before the stork delivers the bundle of joy to you!! I am so excited and happy for both of you.